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If you arrive before your designated time during OPEN play and the courts are empty, please feel free to start your warmups or games accordingly as play is based upon the paddle system so players simply “join in” as they arrive. Players should be offered the courtesy of warming up upon arrival.

COMPETITIVE play is based upon the PB app so players must exit the court on the hour to allow the administrator to organize the group accordingly.

Always use Playtime Scheduler to cancel allowing waitlisted players to move up.

In the event of an accident or injury, please stop play and help. We have a first Incident Reports and a First Aid Kit courtside, and an AED machine in the accessible washroom which is coded 1254#

We hope to have a third gate installed in October [ contractor cannot do so earlier]. Meanwhile please use the second gate and concrete runway that we installed for warm up’s and court access.

Oh and one more thing…..common sense and courtesy should always prevail!

Our website will host five [5] Rating sheets [ 2.0; 2.5; 3.0; 3.5. 4.0] for your information. Ratings are subjective and arbitrary so please select the level that you feel best matches your situation and then evaluate yourself against the corresponding criteria for that level over a half dozen games. Rate yourself honestly based upon your ability to CONSISTENTLY execute the identified skills. Then start there. 3.25 is the standard in the Highland zone so our top level has been adjusted to 3.25+ [ versus 3.0]

Put the schedule on your fridge. There are 23 Yellow slots [ 55% of 42 total slots] for OPEN plan when all levels are welcome, and players are asked to play at a “considerate” level when facing lesser experienced players. There are three [3] additional slots where a court can be reserved for Family; Youth or practice requests [ darker yellow]. Beyond that there are designated times per skill level which are color coded on the schedule for your convenience [ i.e 2.0-2.5 / Blue].

No problem! For OPEN session, we use the “Paddle system” for player placement and that allows everyone to play at their own pace. Games usually go to 11, two stay on and two leave to a maximum of two consecutive games.

For COMPETETIVE games, players prefer the PB app system which guarantees everyone a fixed amount of time on the courts and a list of players based upon the Playtime Scheduler signup sheet. If one arrives late the operator needs to make a few adjustments accordingly. Most participants arrive early, stay for the duration, and play every chance they can.

You do! As soon as you exit the court be sure to place your paddle in the next available slot [ left to right] on the paddle holder court side. Move your paddle up as players leave to play and be prepared to lose your spot if you are not ready as play comes to an end on the courts. No one is assigned the role of reminding you that you are next up so keep an eye on development and please use the gates closest to the court where you are heading.

No but all players must sign up on Playtime Scheduler before entering the courts.

In approximate numbers our club breaks down as follow, which in turn drives scheduling.

+ 45 members [27% of total membership] are at the beginner stage [ 2.0] or have not been too active. OPEN session must be designed to accommodate newcomers to the game.

+ 35 [20%] members who are expected to be at the 2.5 rating.

+ 70 [ 41%] members are expected to be rated between 2.75-3.0 + 20 [ 12%] are expected to be 3.25+ rated and competitive. [ Must be rated at 3.25 to participate]

We have no shortage of members who would love to “buddy” up with a new member. Please reach out to our Membership Services Coordinator and let’s get on the courts…soon!

These designated times have been provided for those who want to play at a more intense level [ faster foot & ball speed and better shot selection] and are trying to improve their game [ in addition to learning the game; fair play and a sense of community]

There are seven [7] slots [ 16%] for the 2.75-3.0+ [ Competitive] division as demand for this time has exceeded expectations. 3.25+ will be invited to join this competitive session and this represents an excellent opportunity for those players to work on their gaps versus dominating the game with their strengths. There are an additional three [3] slots [ 7% of total] for the 3.25 Plus level [ 15% of the membership]

Your Executive has been working very hard to create solutions for issues that have arisen as a result of our growth as a club. We feel we have developed a great compromise that reflects EVERYONE’S Interests. We as a group are rapidly improving and adjustments were required to keep the club attractive and avoid having members going elsewhere for the levels they require. We do not want to see empty courts!

Over the past year the Development Committee [ under Janet Wallace’s lead] has done a great job offering skills and drill session. The 2.0-2.5 level will continue to have these types of development programs. As we move forward, we recognize that we also require development programs for the other skill levels. There is a plan in the works to test a 2.75-3.0 program this summer, confirm a development curriculum for this division and hopefully find and hire instructors for a winter program at NSCC for example. We will limit this test market to 2.75-3.0 players [ participants will be required to pay for this service to compensate the instructors [ 2] per 12 players at 1.5 hours per session for four [4] weeks on three [3] courts.] and interested members will have an equal opportunity to enter a lottery for the right to participate in our inaugural summer of 2023 program.

There is a drop-in fee of $5.00 payable court side at the electrical station.


We hope that these changes and the explanations of the “why’s” behind the “what’s” will provide you with the answers you need. If we fall short, please do not hesitate to get in touch. All we ask is for a chance to try new things that we feel will grow and develop the club. If we are wrong, we can easily do a reset over the winter. Have fun, play safe and enjoy the ride as Pickleball sweeps the world…led by volunteer organizations like your Little Harbour Outdoor Pickleball Club.

Thank you all for your continued support of LHOP Club.

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