Welcome to the Little Harbour Emergency Comfort Centre (Little Harbour Pictou County, NS)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona in September 2022, it became apparent that a permanent Emergency Comfort Centre was needed in Little Harbour. In response, the Little Harbour Community Centre (LHCC) has been designated an Emergency Comfort Centre by the Municipality of Pictou County. A government grant was provided to purchase an emergency standy-by generator to power the centre during electricity outages. The operating costs of the centre, including the purchase of propane for the generator and other supplies, rests with the LHCC. While there may be funding available from outside sources following an emergency, it must first be assumed the community is responsible for the Centre’s operating costs; hence, the need for community support and fundraising.

If you have questions, would like to donate or volunteer at the Emergency Comfort Centre, please email us at: lhcc@eastlink.ca

Purpose of the Emergency Comfort Centre

The purpose of the Center is to provide a safe place for residents to get information including free wifi internet access, to charge devices and to enjoy light refreshments with their friends and neighbours while sheltering-in-place in our own homes. The Comfort Centre is essentially a drop-in centre which will be opened by volunteers for limited hours on a daily basis sometime after an event which causes widespread, prolonged power outages. The Centre is NOT intended to be an emergency overnight shelter of the kind which would be established and operated by the RedCross and REMO Pictou County

Please note the following important points:

  1. Washrooms are available; however, there are NO shower facilities onsite.
  2. The LHCC IS wheelchair accessible.
  3. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Communicating With the Public When Severe Weather Is Expected

Whenever a hurricane or major winter storm is expected, we will provide periodic updates on this webpage, on our facebook page and 94.1 The Breeze, to advise the community of the anticipated opening date and hours of operation. In the event of unexpected severe weather such as thunderstorms or tornadic activity that suddenly, without warning, may require the centre to open, we will do our best to post information to our social media pages, local radio and our sign at the road side of the Centre.

Hours of Operation

Following an event that would require the Centre to become operational, we anticipate opening between 48 and 72 hours AFTER the event. This will allow volunteers time to take care of their own family and property and to prepare the Centre to receive the public. Prior to opening, conditions must be deemed safe for volunteers and the public to travel to the Centre ie.roads must be passable with no travel restrictions in place by the Province, the Municipality or the RCMP. Once the Centre is activated, we expect to be open for several hours each day until the emergency is over and the power has been restored to most of the community.

Be Prepared For 72 Hours On Your Own

Community members should be prepared to shelter-in-place on your own without support or assistance for 72 hours. Here’s a link to some important information about being prepared and keeping yourself and your family safe during emergencies, including suggestions for emergency kits/supplies and generator safety:




Here are the links to REMO Pictou County, EMO Nova Scotia, NS Power and the RCMP






The 2023 Hurricane Outlook     (It appears uncertain at this time but we will be prepared)



Note for Emergency Comfort Centre Volunteers 

Over the coming weeks, the committee will establish a list of volunteers from the Little Harbour community who will be assigned to six person teams consisting of: 1 team leader, 2 team members on the reception desk, 2 kitchen staff and 1 floater.  As the need to open the Centre in response to an anticipated event becomes clear, teams will be alerted and shift times assigned.  We anticipate shift lengths will not exceed four hours provided we have enough volunteers to share the workload.   We intend to conduct a short information and training session for all volunteers later in the summer of 2023.   This may be subject to change should we need to open the centre earlier than the traditional late summer/early fall storm season.  

Thank-you to everyone who volunteers or provides financial support to our Emergency Comfort Center !

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