We hope everyone stays safe and healthy while playing the great game of pickleball. We have many members who have some first aid training and we recently had a workshop where 20 people learned how to do CPR and use an AED. We now have an AED (automated electrical defibrillator) which will be kept in the accessible washroom. The access code for the washroom is the same as for the courts, 1254 but there is a # after the numbers. This information will be posted at the courts. Hopefully we never need to use it, but it could potentially save a life! We will have a first aid kit near the courts as well. Please go to heartandstroke.ca to watch a video on doing CPR or using an AED.

There are some common injuries related to pickleball and they are usually to joints such as the ankles, wrists and shoulders. Muscle strains can also occur as it is a fast-paced game that involves quick pivots and lunges. It is extremely important to do a cardiovascular warmup and then stretch the muscles and joints before you begin to play. Get into your own routine and your body will thank you for it and you will be all prepped for action. There is a great warmup video at ZOOMERSHEALTH.CA 

Be aware of your own fitness level and know your limitations, especially beginners. Keep hydrated and wear sunscreen. Safety glasses are also a good idea to protect your eyes. A hit to the eye could have tragic consequences. Wear good court shoes. Some first aid information like notes on concussions will be left in our member information box if you are interested.

We have a committee for health and safety and we would like to track and follow up on any injuries so please fill in an occurrence form, also to be found in the membership box. Stay safe and have fun everyone!

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