WELCOME BACK! We are delighted to announce that our membership for this coming season has exceeded 175 players, making LHOP one of Pickleball Nova Scotia’s largest clubs. As such we need to be flexible and adjust our programming with our group. As a result, we ask you to note the following 3 CHANGES which will be illustrated on our updated schedule which will be posted court side and on our web site:

#1] The 8:00-10:00 and 10:00-12:00 Playtime Scheduler time slots are mostly designated as OPEN and available for all levels of play. The only exceptions are the Tuesday morning [10;00-12:00] slot dedicated for 3.25+ rated players and the Thursday morning [ 10:00-12:00] slot dedicated for 2.0-2.5 and Para-pickleball players. 75% [37] of the 49 weekly time slots are now OPEN play aligned with the founding principles of our club with the remaining times split between New Players [ 3 slots], Drills [ 5 slots] and 3.25+ play [ 4 slots].

#2] The 12:00 – 1:00 PM time slot has been isolated from the former 12:00-3:00 slot and steered towards practice /drill time except on weekends when we all have a little more time to play with family and friends. Note: Dedicated practice times have been consistently requested and recommended and it will be limited to 12 players for the one [1] hour followed by OPEN play from 1:00- 3:00 PM. Drill sessions are ‘self-directed’.

#3] We have been testing a new play called “Winners & Challengers”. We will be using this system at our Dink N Dines. Everyone comes off the court after each game is completed [ 1st to 9 / win by 1] promptly depositing your paddle in the designated white baskets. We will soon have our new 3rd gate operational [ awaiting new hardware / locks] and games will no longer need to be interrupted on any court [ 3 exits all with same locks, codes and auto-closures].


+ MEMBERS ONLY- Dink ‘N Dine is starting on June 6th and every other Thursday weather permitting. Entry is through Playtime Scheduler and the cost is just $5.00 per person [ inclusive of the “Dine” which is a burger, potato chips and an Ice Cream bar!] Beverages will be available through the LHCC Bar.

+ Competitive events– We will be hosting at least two, day long level-based competition tournaments on June [22nd] and August [ 17th] and are working on a third event scheduled for late September / early October. These fun events will be steered towards members, with scoring recorded and prizes awarded. This year we will introduce a “skills competition”, great prizes and of course promote FOOD; FOLKS AND FUN!


Our 2024 line up will be on display on June 6th [ Dink N Dine] and members can now order  directly at WearWell Garments Outlet Store on Foord Street. All merchandise will be priced at our cost price [ tax included].


We have added a few amenities for your comfort and enjoyment:

+ New gazebo / shade structure

+ Court refurbishment and touch up program underway.

+ New 3rd gate on court two [ awaiting hardware]

+ New programable locks for all three gates and accessible washroom all coded to the same number.

+ Bulletin board for upcoming notices, schedule, etc.


We all struggle with ratings but please take into consideration that our overall club skill levels are quickly rising as many members dedicate some extra time to play, practice and development sessions. Ratings should be driven by SAFETY FIRST. The following Pickleball Canada 3.0 definition maybe a helpful guide.

“Consistently serve and control the ball; Return a medium paced ball reliably; Make all basic strokes; Attempt lobs, dinks and a third shot drop with some success; Demonstrate the mobility on the court required for safe play in a fast-paced game; Play comfortably at the non-volley zone.”

PLEASE ALWAYS be sure to register on Playtime Scheduler before entering the courts and visit littleharbourns.com [ pickleball in tool bar] for additional information, schedule, etc. AND ONE MORE THING… please help your guests and non-members find the deposit box for their $5.00 / visit registration fee and waivers forms. This is a member’s responsibility as we all try to keep our costs at modest levels and JUST HAVE FUN!

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