WELCOME BACK one and all! As spring turns into summer, we are looking forward to seeing both new and prospective members at the courts. Our story has been emerging as we move into our first full season of play, and we have already become one of the largest member populations in the province.
Imagine that!

Phase one of this project cost over $200,000.00 and we were very fortunate to secure outstanding financial support from all three levels of government BUT it was the donations from the private sector that set the tone as we committed to raising 33% of our total spend, from our own pockets.


You might be interested to know that 65% of our current members reside in Little Harbour year-round.

We are delighted that we have a strong “seasonal resident” component, and 35% of our members are from cottage country and other surrounding communities. We think that is great!

  • 90% + of members are “first-time” players and ranked as novice or under 3.0
  • 59 % are male [ let’s go ladies!]
  • 40% of members are “likely” under the age of sixty [60] [ Average age is 53]
  • Youth memberships are going to available soon for those 14 YOA and over.


“I love the idea that this game is all about participation and fun. Play time Scheduler makes it so easy for me to sign up at the last minute, or cancel as my schedule changes”

“The way they set up the play in “Open Play” makes it so easy to join in and get started. Everyone is very encouraging”

“I have never been very involved in athletic recreation and sports, but I am absolutely addicted to Pickleball. Who would have guessed?”


Be sure to visit: littleharbourns.com/pickleball to stay up to date on all of the information you need to know. Upcoming programming includes:

  • Beginner Clinics
  • Train the Trainer coaching clinics
  • Youth memberships
  • Membership fun scrambles [ i.e., Dink n’ Dine]


Pictou County has recently been awarded the 2023 55+ Games and our club has been identified as a significant piece of the County’s required recreational inventory. Our club aspires to provide a SAFE; CONVENIENT; FUNCTIONAL AND FRIENDLY environment and we have a little more work to do.

As an original member of the Little Harbour Pickleball Club, you have helped identify the “next phase” of development.

Over the coming weeks we plan to add the following enhancements:

  • Barrier fencing between courts for your safety and convenience
  • Wind fencing designed to reduce the impacts of our coastal breezes by as much as 60%
  • New concreted pathways linking the paved parking to our concrete “apron” area to eliminate the transfer of small pebbles and other debris onto the courts.
  • Lighting enhancements [ filters and zone controls] to minimize the required illumination as play extends past safe lighting levels.
  • Provision of safety lighting and pathways to our accessible washroom / change room which now has an electronic keypad for convenient access at all times of play.
  • Expansion of seating options for visitors and sun shading options as welcome.

In closing we would be remiss if we did not remind you that “IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO DONATE”. If your family wants to join the list of benefactors please reach out to our Treasure, Rick Feehan at rja.feehan@gmail.com to make arrangements.

Lastly, if you know of anyone who may want to give Pickleball a try but is reluctant to just “show up” then please refer them to our “contact us” link and we will assign a buddy and get things started.


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