Little Harbour Presbyterian Church



5260 Little Harbour Road Little Harbour N.S.  B2H 5C4

Time of Worship Service  Sunday 9:30 A.M.  Coffee Time  9:00 A.M.

All are Welcome to attend.

Communion Dates on request and to be determined.

Interim Minister Rev. Morley Shaw For information please contact Interim Moderator, Rev. Bonnie Langille or PM our FB page ServicesforLittleHarbourChurch



  • Annual Meeting 1st Sunday in March
  • Saturday, May 21, 2022 Lobster Take Out Dinner Call 301 3536 for tickets
  • July Summer Coffee Party July 9, 2022 Saturday  10-12 At The Little Harbour Community Center
  • July Shore Sunday Service  1st Sunday in July  9:30 A.M. Little Harbour Presbyterian Church
  • August  Anniversary Service 
  • September  Sunday Church School  A.M.S. begin.  


  • Interim Moderator Rev. Bonnie Langille
  • Clerk of Session (not filled)
  • Chair Board of Managers Bruce Carpenter 752-6710
  • Organist Margaret Weir  755-6540
  • Choir Jan Keefe  752-8743
  • Atlantic Missionary Society Mary Condon 752-0296
  • Prayer Chain  Audrey Hemphill  752-8807



It was not until 1840 that a congregation was actually formed in Little Harbour. In a search of the records of Pictou Presbytery undertaken in 1950 by Rev. W.I. McElwain, the following information was uncovered: “Rev. John Sinclair of Cape John was appointed to preach at Little Harbour on the first, second, third and fourth Sundays of March....and also to preach on Monday, February 10th and at the close of public worship to form the people of that place into a congregation and then to preside at an election of elders among them.” On March 18th Mr. Sinclair reported to Presbytery that he had done so, electing two elders. The Presbytery also “appointed Mr. Sinclair to preach at Middle River on the 4th Sabbath of March, at Little Harbour on the 5th and to supply between these places Rogers Hill and Cape John until the next meeting

John C. Sinclair was born in Scotland, had spent four years as a Gaelic Catechist on the Island of Tyree and some time in Edinburgh before coming to Nova Scotia with his family in 1838. He had apparently planned to settle on P.E.I. but the ship was going to Pictou so he landed there and soon began teaching school at Cape John. He approached Presbytery asking to become a minister, delivering discourses in both English and Gaelic and was ordained on December 26, 1838. It is difficult to imagine traveling such a large geographic area during those early years on horseback and sometimes likely on foot. The records of Presbytery also tell us that a church building existed in Little Harbour in 1841 as a meeting of Presbytery was held there on June 1, 1841.