Little Harbour Fire Department

Little Harbour Fire DepartmentThe Little Harbour Fire Department was formed as a result of a meeting held November 11 1958 in the Community Hall. Fundraising was done through the winter and the first hall was built in 1959 on land donated by Mrs. J.R. Reid. Logs for construction were donated by John S Cameron and John Ballantyne.

On July 4 1959 an organizational meeting was held and Harry Ferguson was appointed fire Chief with George Reid and Ed MacLaren appointed as Deputy Chiefs. A truck had been purchased at a cost of $1238.22.

A new truck was purchased in 1960 at a cost of $4800.00 .    

In 1970 Harry resigned as chief due to work commitments but stayed on as an active member and Bob Russell was appointed as chief.  Bob was chief until 1988 when he resigned due to health reasons. Bob Cullen was appointed as chief and continued as chief until 1994 when Don Wadden was appointed. A fundraiser was held to put an addition on the hall and purchase a new four wheel drive truck.

The Ladies Fire Auxiliary was organized in September 13 1978 , for the purpose of assisting the firemen in their work. Their first slate of officers consisted of –Ann Johnson President; Marjorie MacLean Vice President; Paula Richards Secretary; Elizabeth Cutcliffe Treasurer. They continue to be strong supporters of the fire department raising funds for new equipment each year.

Our first pumper (Truck6) was purchased in 1987 at a cost of $120,000.00; built by Superior Emergency Vehicles of Red Deer Alberta and our first tanker truck  (Truck7) was purchased in 1989.

The fire hall went through several other additions and in 1999 a new fire hall was built across the road from the original. In 2003 we purchased a new pumper truck (Truck8) built by Fort Gary Fire Trucks, Winnipeg Manitoba. Our rescue truck was built by Lantz Truck Bodies Port Williams Nova Scotia in 2004. In 2009 we added a 1200 sq foot training room to the building as part of renovations needed to accommodate the new tanker truck. With renovations complete we purchased a new tanker truck (Tanker1) in 2012 from Metalfab Fire Trucks Centerville New Brunswick.

We have dry hydrants installed at the Woodburn Rd intersection, at Whits Pond at Black Point Rd intersection and one beside the firehall.

Our coverage area includes the communities of Anderson Mountain, Black Point, Chance Harbour, Little Harbour, Kings Head, Melmerby Beach and Woodburn. We are funded though an area rate as well as fundraising activities of the fire department and ladies auxiliary.

We are located at 8328 Pictou Landing Rd. in Little Harbour. We meet every Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm.   The first Tuesday is a business meeting with the others dedicated to training, equipment and hall maintenance.  The Annual General Meeting is held 2nd Tuesday in February.

 We have a current membership of 31 people. We are always looking for new members. To become a member we require members to attend 20percent of meetings; 20 percent of in house training ; 20 percent of calls and to assist with fundraising activities of the fire department and the ladies fire auxiliary. As well as become level 1 trained to the Nova Scotia Firefighters School standard within three years of becoming a member. We receive strong support for our fundraisers ( pancake and sausage breakfast- April; planked salmon supper-August; 50-50 draw at salmon supper). We install civic signs white on blue reflective with post for $35.00. if your sign becomes damaged and needs replacing give Bob Kilcup or Dave Taylor (902-755-4420) a call.

If you would like more information on the fire department you could contact:


Don Wadden Fire Chief 902-752-1303

Jim Fraser Deputy Chief 902-752-0409

John Baldwin Deputy Chief 902-755-5873

Bob Kilcup Captain 902-752-7668

Dave Fraser Captain 902-755-1920

Kevin Russell Lieutenant 902-752-2858

Kenny Arsenault Lieutenant 902-752-2999

Greg Evans Lieutenant 902-755-3673